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List of Online Flower Delivery Services

Sending your girlfriend flowers can go a long way to making her happy after getting in a fight or just to show her you were thinking of her. The following flower sites have some of the best prices and service out there. Growers Flowers is unique in that they give you a free greeting card [...]

Does Your Girlfriend Like Fruit?

Then send her a fruit basket from The Fruit Company. But before you just go ahead and send any old fruit basket to your girlfriend, make sure you pick a basket that she will like. It’s always important to give your girlfriend her favorite things. Since you probably don’t know her favorite fruits, here is [...]

Personalized Photo Postage Stamps

If your girlfriend or wife sends any postage out to friends or family, personalized photo stamps might be a good gift for her. Find a nice picture of the two of you and go to Photo Stamps. Then you just upload the photo to create real US postage stamps with your photo on them. The [...]