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Personalized Gift Cards

I believe customizing or personalizing a gift for your girlfriend adds a nice touch. Gift cards are an easy gift to give but I never found a way to personalize them. I just came across these Customized Gift Cards and they look really cool. They let you: Upload your own photo to put on the [...]

Personalized Clothing for Your Girlfriend

Customized Girl is a really cool site that lets you personalize hoodies, panties, tank tops, skirts, hats, and lots more with a message, graphics, or photos. A popular gift is buying a hoodie that says, “Eric’s Girl” on the front. Or getting a pair of panties and adding “Tom’s Tight End” on the back. You [...]

Does Your Girlfriend Like Fruit?

Then send her a fruit basket from The Fruit Company. But before you just go ahead and send any old fruit basket to your girlfriend, make sure you pick a basket that she will like. It’s always important to give your girlfriend her favorite things. Since you probably don’t know her favorite fruits, here is [...]

Personalized Photo Postage Stamps

If your girlfriend or wife sends any postage out to friends or family, personalized photo stamps might be a good gift for her. Find a nice picture of the two of you and go to Photo Stamps. Then you just upload the photo to create real US postage stamps with your photo on them. The [...]