Jewelry Deals For Your Girlfriend

Every woman loves jewelry but not every guy can afford to buy top quality jewelry for his girlfriend. The site I found to solve this problem is Bidz. They have hundreds of jewelry auctions going off at all times and most items sell way below their list value. If you are smart with your bidding and do your research you can pick up some really good deals. Many pieces sell at 1/10 of their listed value.


The above screen shot is from 3 recent auctions. As you can see the rings on the far left and far right sold way below what they were listed at. You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, engagement rings, and many brand name pieces at Bidz.

To make sure you are getting the best deals you should have a plan before you start bidding. Sometimes you can end up getting out of control and paying more than you really wanted to. A good rule to make sure your getting a great deal is never pay more than about 1/10 of the listed price. Also don’t bid on a lot of products at one time. It will drive you crazy trying to monitor all of them. Be sure to compare prices listed on Bidz with other jewelry stores.

Be smart when using Bidz and you should have a good time finding some amazing deals on jewelry to impress your girlfriend with.

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