Girlfreind Birthday Gift Idea

When coming up with a Girlfreind Birthday Gift Idea you need to be creative or at least make sure you get her something she really wants. Never just get her a gift card or give her money. You need to show her you put some work into her gift.

When thinking of your Girlfreind Birthday Gift Idea be sure to write all your ideas down on a piece of paper. Do not just jump at the first ideas you come up with. There are so many great things to do; you want to evaluate all your options. A great gift you an make your girlfriend is a simple photo album or scrap book. Include pictures of the two of you having fun. Be sure to leave little comments under each picture. Be sure to compliment her hair or say how beautiful she is.

Girlfreind Birthday Gift Idea you come up with can be cheap or expensive. Its really only the thought behind the gift that counts but some girls want really expensive gifts. When looking to buy expensive gifts be sure you are getting what she really wants. Buying her some jewelery that she really doesn’t like will spoil the mode and make her unhappy. Getting her and your initials engraved in a piece of jewelery always makes a great gift.

Sometimes just buying her favorite things and adding a little note or card telling her how much you care about her can go a long way. Get her favorite brand of clothes and leave a note on it saying how much you love when she wears that brand. Or buy her a bottle of her usual perfume and let her know you love the way it smells. Hopefully these tips will help you come up with your Girlfreind Birthday Gift Idea.

Gift Baskets and Gourmet Gifts

If your crunched for time or want a quick quality gift, you should check out Delightful Deliveries or Lehi Roller Mills. They both have all kinds of gift baskets and treats to send your girlfriend.

Delightful Deliveries basically has everything you can think of from cookies, mixed gift baskets, to a filet mignon feast. They specialize in unique gifts for your girlfriend. Below are two great gift ideas from the site.

-Giant Fortune Cookie With Heart Sprinkles. You can actually get your own personalized message on the foot long fortune inside. Leave a message like, your boyfriend is so lucky to have such a amazing girlfriend or your the most beautiful girl in the land.

-Stackable Heart Boxes. This gift comes with chocolate hearts, Mrs. Fields cookies, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

There are so many unique gift ideas at Delightful Deliveries and Lehi Roller Mills; your sure to find something special for your girlfriend.

Unique Free Gift Idea

This is a really simple but creative gift your girlfriend is sure to love. All you will need are some index cards or post it notes and some tape. What you are going do is write one sentence on the index cards/post it notes saying what you love about your girl. So on the first one you might write, “I love your blue eyes”. Then tape that card to the front door. Take another card and write, “I love how you always have a smile on your face.” Go and tape that card to the TV. Repeat this process for at least 10 cards.

Spread the cards throughout your place but try to find places she is likely to go. Putting cards on the fridge, windows, sink, and computer are all good places. You can either to tell her to go find all the cards after she finds the first one or let her find them naturally. She will ask if there are any more and you should just shrug and say maybe with wink. Your girlfriend will love this simple but very effective gift.

Don’t forget you can find more good gifts for girlfriend by reading the entire blog. Good Luck!

Jewelry Deals For Your Girlfriend

Every woman loves jewelry but not every guy can afford to buy top quality jewelry for his girlfriend. The site I found to solve this problem is Bidz. They have hundreds of jewelry auctions going off at all times and most items sell way below their list value. If you are smart with your bidding and do your research you can pick up some really good deals. Many pieces sell at 1/10 of their listed value.


The above screen shot is from 3 recent auctions. As you can see the rings on the far left and far right sold way below what they were listed at. You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, engagement rings, and many brand name pieces at Bidz.

To make sure you are getting the best deals you should have a plan before you start bidding. Sometimes you can end up getting out of control and paying more than you really wanted to. A good rule to make sure your getting a great deal is never pay more than about 1/10 of the listed price. Also don’t bid on a lot of products at one time. It will drive you crazy trying to monitor all of them. Be sure to compare prices listed on Bidz with other jewelry stores.

Be smart when using Bidz and you should have a good time finding some amazing deals on jewelry to impress your girlfriend with.

Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

The following are some quick Christmas gift ideas for your girl. I’m a big fan of personalized gifts and now is a good time to make a holiday memory with a personalized ornament, pillow, photo frame, etc. Personalized Xmas Gifts has tons of items to choose from. Just make sure you spell your girlfriends name right!

Buy your girl some nice jewelery for the holidays. is a jewelery auction site where you will find huge deals. You’ll be shocked at some of the low prices you can get.

If your girlfriend is a big movie buff you should think about getting her a subscription to BlockBuster or Netflix.

If you already bought her gifts, you might want to think about packing them in these Singing Christmas Boxes. A lot of women love Christmas music and having some play from the box she is opening might impress her.

The Thomas Kinkade Christmas Wreath is a unique and classy gift going for $99.

Does she hate cleaning house? Then get her the Go Duster or the Swivel Sweeper.

Personalized Gift Cards

I believe customizing or personalizing a gift for your girlfriend adds a nice touch. Gift cards are an easy gift to give but I never found a way to personalize them. I just came across these Customized Gift Cards and they look really cool. They let you:

  • Upload your own photo to put on the card
  • Personalize the card with a message
  • Or use a design from their gallery

Some ideas to use:

  • Use her favorite photo of the two of you
  • Get a photo of something she will most likely buy
  • Make a gift card with all her favorite colors and pictures on it

Since its Visa you can use it anywhere and not worry about it working at only one store. The only problem I see with this is you have to pay $5.95 to get a customized card. If your only going buy a $25 gift card, it’s probably not worth it but for high priced cards it wouldn’t to that big of a percent of the cost.

How To Impress Your Girlfriend

The easiest way to impress your girlfriend is to pay attention to her! If you actually listen to what she is talking about, you will know exactly how to impress her.

You need to mix things up so she will notice you are thinking about her more. If you never send her texts, start sending them to see how her day is going or to say you are thinking of her. Not down with talking on the phone? Suck it up and start calling her more, she will appreciate it. You don’t have to go over board but she will notice even a little effort.

Dress up a little bit more when you go see her. We all get in routines where we just rock some sweat pants and a hoodie when we are going just hang out with our girlfriends. This is fine to do but sometimes you should wear a button down shirt and clean yourself up a bit more when you see her. She’ll ask what the occasion is and respond that you were thinking of how beautiful she is and you wanted to look good for her.

Go out of your way for her. It might be a pain; but rushing home from work to visit her or driving a long distance just to hang out with her for a little bit gets you major points. A lot of guys make their girls put all the work into a relationship. By going a little above your expectations you will be a shoe in to impress her.

Personalized Clothing for Your Girlfriend

cc2Customized Girl is a really cool site that lets you personalize hoodies, panties, tank tops, skirts, hats, and lots more with a message, graphics, or photos. A popular gift is buying a hoodie that says, “Eric’s Girl” on the front. Or getting a pair of panties and adding “Tom’s Tight End” on the back. You can put any message you want as long as it will fit. Things like inside jokes or your own little sayings would work great. cc

Customized Girl is really easy to use and the prices are very reasonable. Prices for most of the clothing are cheaper than you could buy in the store plus you can put that personalized touch on them. If you don’t have any photos or don’t know what message to put Customized Girl has lots of clip art you can use.

This kind of gift is good for any occasion. Works great on birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Just be sure you spell everything correctly!

List of Online Flower Delivery Services

Sending your girlfriend flowers can go a long way to making her happy after getting in a fight or just to show her you were thinking of her. The following flower sites have some of the best prices and service out there.

Growers Flowers is unique in that they give you a free greeting card and let you upload your own photo to print on the card. So use a picture of the two of you your girlfriend will like and upload it. Write a nice little note and your set to go. I bet it would be the first time she got flowers with personalized photo card.

FTD Flowers is a popular flower site that always has discounts. They have a very large selection including silk floral collections, gift baskets, and even eco friendly flower arrangements.

From You Flowers have lots of holiday specials and buy a dozen roses get a dozen free. In addition to flowers they have cheese cakes and gourmet cakes.

Now theres no excuse to send your girlfriend flowers. You can order them right online. No need to call or drive to the floral shop.

Simple Gestures To Impress Your Girlfriend

If your like most guys, when you first start dating your girlfriend, you go out of your way to impress her. You buy her flowers, open doors, compliment her, etc. After a few months most of these actions fade away and you get in a routine with your girlfriend. To show your girl you really care for her you need to start doing a few little things for her now and then.

An easy way to show your girlfriend your thinking about her is bring a single rose next time you see her. A whole bunch of flowers is not needed. Giving her one simple flower for no reason at all other than to show you care will be a big hit.

Try to keep track of all the important events going on in her life. If your talking on the phone, and she mentions shes meeting up with an old friend, be sure to ask her how it went next time you talk to her. She might mention that she has a small headache. The next day ask how she is feeling. Remembering little things like these can go a long way.

Most of all remind her why you like/love her. If your with a girl for a long time, its easy to forget she needs to know you still really care about her. Tell her how you love her smile or the way she laughs. Go out of your way to make her happy.

Remembering to do these simple gestures as your relationship progresses; will keep your girlfriend very happy and make your relationship much better.