Personalized Gift Cards

I believe customizing or personalizing a gift for your girlfriend adds a nice touch. Gift cards are an easy gift to give but I never found a way to personalize them. I just came across these Customized Gift Cards and they look really cool. They let you:

  • Upload your own photo to put on the card
  • Personalize the card with a message
  • Or use a design from their gallery

Some ideas to use:

  • Use her favorite photo of the two of you
  • Get a photo of something she will most likely buy
  • Make a gift card with all her favorite colors and pictures on it

Since its Visa you can use it anywhere and not worry about it working at only one store. The only problem I see with this is you have to pay $5.95 to get a customized card. If your only going buy a $25 gift card, it’s probably not worth it but for high priced cards it wouldn’t to that big of a percent of the cost.

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